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Understanding the Difference: What is a Giclée Print vs Art Print?

Understanding the Difference: What is a Giclée Print vs Art Print?
Art prints are a popular choice for art enthusiasts and collectors who want to own a piece of artwork without breaking the bank. However, not all art prints are created equal. The quality, value, and longevity of an art print can vary greatly depending on the printing process used. One term that often comes up when discussing high-quality art prints is 'giclée'. But what exactly is a giclée print, and how does it compare to other types of art prints? This blog post will delve into these questions and help you understand the difference between a giclée print and an art print.

Understanding Art Prints

Art prints, in their broadest sense, refer to reproductions of original artworks. These can be paintings, drawings, photographs or any other form of visual art. The original artwork is usually digitally scanned or photographed to create a high-resolution image which can then be printed onto various materials such as paper or canvas.
The quality of an art print depends on several factors including the resolution of the digital image, the type of printer used, the quality of ink and paper or canvas used for printing. The most common types of printers used for making art prints are inkjet printers and laser printers.
Understanding the Difference: What is a Giclée Print vs Art Print?

What is a Giclée Print?

Giclée (pronounced 'zhee-clay') is a term coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne. It comes from the French word 'gicler', meaning 'to squirt' or 'spray', which refers to the way ink is applied onto the paper in this type of printing.
A giclée print refers to a high-quality reproduction made using an inkjet printer with archival quality inks and papers or canvases. What sets giclée prints apart from regular inkjet prints is their superior color accuracy and detail. They capture every nuance of the original artwork and can reproduce a wider range of colors than traditional printing methods.
Giclée prints are also known for their longevity. The archival inks used in giclée printing are fade-resistant and can last for up to 200 years without significant color loss, making them a great choice for art collectors.
Understanding the Difference: What is a Giclée Print vs Art Print?

Giclée Print vs Art Print: The Differences

The main difference between a giclée print and an art print lies in the quality of the reproduction. While both types of prints involve reproducing an original artwork, giclée prints offer a higher level of accuracy and detail. This is due to the advanced technology used in inkjet printers that produce giclée prints, which can spray millions of droplets of ink per second onto the paper or canvas.
Another key difference is the longevity of the print. Giclée prints use archival quality materials that are designed to resist fading and deterioration over time. This means that a giclée print will maintain its vibrant colors and sharp details for much longer than a standard art print.
Lastly, giclée prints are often more expensive than regular art prints due to the higher cost of materials and the more involved printing process.

Conclusion: Choosing Between Giclée Print and Art Print

When choosing between a giclée print and an art print, it ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you're looking for an affordable way to decorate your home or office with beautiful artworks, regular art prints may be sufficient. However, if you're an art collector or enthusiast who values color accuracy, detail, and longevity, investing in giclée prints would be worth considering.
Remember that regardless of whether you choose a giclée print or an art print, it's important to care for your artwork properly. Keep it out of direct sunlight, maintain a stable temperature and humidity level in your space, and consider framing your print under UV-protective glass to preserve its beauty for years to come.
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