How Are Your Artworks Created?

Lori's artworks are each meticulously hand-drawn on an iPad. Each piece begins with Lori's vision and a sketch, which she brings to life through the careful strokes of her hand. This process can be lengthy and allows her to achieve intricate details, vibrant colors, and a unique artistic style that captures the essence of her vision. Once the artwork is complete, Lori carefully refines and prepares it for printing, ensuring that every piece maintains the highest quality and authenticity.

What makes Lori’s artworks unique

Many women find it hard to find art that speaks to them, and resonates with their values and with who they are. Drawing inspiration from sacred whispers she felt coming from her soul, Lori’s journey with visual arts was one of self-discovery, deep connection with others, and an ignited passion: to create a way for women to a peaceful haven in their homes, that reflects their radiance and fills them with joy.
  Her art not only showcases the richness of cultural heritage and femininity but also creates a space for heartfelt storytelling.

Are these artworks available in different sizes?

Yes, they are! With the important footnote of if availability allows. Because most of Lori’s artworks are limited edition with typically only 10 prints per artwork per size, once a specific size is bought-out, unfortunately it would be final. To get help with sizing, contact us here.

Can I expect these artworks to appreciate in value over time?

Absolutely. Putting aside the soul of it and its aesthetic value: as limited edition artworks from an artist who’s been featured as one of Adobe’s customers’ most inspiring women creators and across various press, each piece serves as an investment that appreciates over time

Do you offer customization or personalization options?

While the limited edition artwork itself cannot be customized, we’re here to give a personalized experience as you choose your cherished piece. Our team is here to listen to what’s important to you and meaningfully guide you. Feel free to contact us here for our help. 

Do you offer custom or commissioned artwork?

Lori accepts commercial commissions in a case by case basis. Please email info@lorintheory.com with your inquiry.

Do you offer framing services?

We do not currently offer framing services, however all artworks are available in standard sizes that effortlessly fit into most frames. While we recommend professional framing to guarantee the longevity of your artwork, each piece is designed to ensure compatibility with common frame dimensions, making it easier than ever to showcase your favorite artworks in your home or office.

Do you offer gift wrapping or personalized messages?

Yes, personalized messages can be left as a note when placing your order and out vendors do their best to honor them, however we do not currently offer gift wrapping.

Do you collaborate with other artists or organizations?

Yes, on a case by case basis. Please email info@lorintheory.com with your inquiry.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchase discounts?

Wholesale is available for stickers only. Please email orders@lorintheory.com with your inquiry.

How can I contact customer support?

By email at info@lorintheory.com for general inquiries and at orders@lorintheory.com for inquiries regarding orders.

do you offer licensing?

Yes. Select pieces are available for licensing. Please send your inquiry at info@lorintheory.com

Can I return my order?

Returns for puzzles and notebooks are accepted within 14 days of receiving your items. Fine art prints, stickers, and greeting cards are final sales due to their delicate nature. Please refer to our return policy.