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Black African American Female Artist in nature

Unfortunately, we live in a society where our inner radiance gets stifled and dulled. We’re taught to follow the “rules” of adulthood. To take the same cookie-cutter path of others. And when we’re left feeling exhausted, we do anything but nurture what keeps on calling to us….And it was listening to that inner voice…That I started my journey as an artist.  Drawing inspiration from sacred whispers I felt coming from my soul, my journey with visual arts was one of self-discovery, deep connection with others, and an ignited passion: to create a way for women to create a peaceful haven in their homes, that reflects their values and fills them with joy. 

Limited Edition

All collections with the exception of Bloom are limited edition. As limited edition collections with each art piece having 10 per size, exclusivity was important for me to ensure that each piece finds its rightful home. I provide a hand-signed, certificate of authenticity, so you can always keep proof of its value and originality.