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Lori in Theory

Limited Edition Beauty Giclée Wall Art

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Size: 8" x 10"

Elevate your home decor with our limited edition beauty giclée wall art. This stunning piece celebrates the bond of sisterhood and the splendor of nature. Surround yourself with the refinement and elegance of this exclusive artwork, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Size: 8" x 10"

Product information

Fine Art Prints:

  • Printing Process: Giclée on fine art paper
  • Material: Archival pigment print on heavyweight matte fine art paper, 100% cotton rag content.
  • Limited edition of 40, typically 10 per each size.
  • Signed & Numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Frame NOT included unless there's an available frame option and you choose it.

    Printing Process

    1. Fine Art Prints:

      • Giclée Printing: Utilizing cutting-edge inkjet technology.
      • Materials: Museum-grade fine art paper with archival pigment print, ensuring longevity and color accuracy.
      • Limited Edition: Each print is part of a limited edition of 40, making them exclusive collector's items.
      • Certificate of Authenticity: Signed and numbered certificate accompanying each print, affirming its authenticity.

    Print Quality and Longevity

    • Giclée Print Quality: The use of advanced inkjet technology ensures meticulous detail and color accuracy, surpassing standard printing methods.
    • Materials Selection: Archival-grade paper and fade-resistant inks are chosen to guarantee longevity and vibrancy, maintaining the prints' quality for generations.
    • Collector's Items: The emphasis on top-tier materials and meticulous printing process makes Lori in Theory's fine art prints highly sought-after as limited editions and collector's items, promising lasting value and visual appeal over time.

     Fine art prints, greeting cards, and stickers are made to order and due to their delicate nature cannot be returned and all sales are final

    Small art prints are shipped flat using acid-free materials, safely packaged. Large art prints are shipped rolled in a tube. If orders contain a combination of large and small fine art pieces, they will be shipped together rolled in a tube.

    Certificate of authenticity for fine art prints may be shipped separately. 

    Fine art prints, stickers, puzzles, & notebooks are shipped separately from different locations.


    To ensure quality control, please allow 3 to 5 business days for processing prior to shipping. Processing time varies based on order volume. 


    Shipping varies and depends on the carrier and shipping option chosen at checkout. Shipping time is generally 3 to 5 business days. We have no control over carrier delays.


    Fine art prints, greeting cards, and stickers are made to order and due to their delicate nature cannot be returned and all sales are final

    Returns on notebooks and  puzzles are accepted within 14 days of receiving your items. Due to the delicate nature of fine art prints, stickers, and greeting cards, they are not eligible for returns. Please see our returns and refund policy for more detail.



    Fine art prints are delicate and with proper care will last through generations. Please read below.

    • Handle with Care:

      • Use cotton gloves or hold prints by the edges to avoid oil transfer from skin.
    • Keep Clean:

      • Wash hands before handling prints without gloves to prevent smudges.
    • Display Wisely:

      • Place prints away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.
    • Frame with Care:

      • Use acid-free materials for framing to preserve print quality.
    • Control Environment:

      • Maintain stable temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage.
    • Gentle Cleaning:

      • Use a soft, dry cloth or brush to remove dust; avoid water.
    • Proper Storage:

      • Store flat in a clean, acid-free folder away from heat and moisture.



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    How Are Your Artworks Created?

    Lori's artworks are each meticulously hand-drawn on an iPad. Each piece begins with Lori's vision and a sketch, which she brings to life through the careful strokes of her hand. This process can be lengthy and allows her to achieve intricate details, vibrant colors, and a unique artistic style that captures the essence of her vision. Once the artwork is complete, Lori carefully refines and prepares it for printing, ensuring that every piece maintains the highest quality and authenticity.


    Many women find it hard to find art that speaks to them, and resonates with their values and with who they are. Drawing inspiration from sacred whispers she felt coming from her soul, Lori’s journey with visual arts was one of self-discovery, deep connection with others, and an ignited passion: to create a way for women to a peaceful haven in their homes, that reflects their radiance and fills them with joy.
  Her art not only showcases the richness of cultural heritage and femininity but also creates a space for heartfelt storytelling.


    Yes, they are! With the important footnote of if availability allows. Because most of Lori’s artworks are limited edition with typically only 10 prints per artwork per size, once a specific size is bought-out, unfortunately it would be final. To get help with sizing, contact us here .You can use the live chat option at the bottom of the screen for urgent requests.


    Absolutely. Putting aside the soul of it and its aesthetic value: as limited edition artworks from an artist who’s been featured as one of Adobe’s customers’ most inspiring women creators and across various press, each piece serves as an investment that appreciates over time


    While the limited edition artwork itself cannot be customized, we’re here to give a personalized experience as you choose your cherished piece. Our team is here to listen to what’s important to you and meaningfully guide you. Feel free to contact us here for our help. You can also use the live chat option at the bottom of the screen for urgent requests.

    What sets Lori in Theory's giclée fine art prints apart from standard prints?

    Lori in Theory's giclée fine art prints are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge inkjet technology and museum-grade materials, ensuring unparalleled detail, color accuracy, and longevity. Standard prints simply can't match the level of exclusivity and quality that our giclée prints offer. You can read about the difference between giclée prints and standard prints here.