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The most beautiful masterpiece is you

From Watercolor Nights to a Movement

Lori in Theory was created on September 28th, 2021, by Lori Saint Rome right in Lori's living room. Lori started hosting virtual watercolor paint nights with friends as a way to nurture the love and community many craved during the pandemic.

At Lori in Theory, we're firm believers in the incredible power of love. We see love as a force that not only fosters inner radiance and  peace, but holds the extraordinary ability to shape a world filled with boundless possibilities for women.

We are dedicated to creating artwork that supports living a life filled with joy, love, and inner peace. We strongly believe that inner love serves as the foundation for inspiring communities and building a better world. With art as our tool, we're dedicated to nurturing the inner radiance that love creates within you.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where our inner radiance as women gets stifled and dulled. We’re taught to follow the “rules” of adulthood. To take the same cookie-cutter path of others. And when we’re left feeling exhausted, we do anything but nurture what keeps on calling to us….And it was listening to that inner voice…That I started my journey as an artist. Drawing inspiration from sacred whispers I felt coming from my soul, my journey with visual arts was one of self-discovery, deep connection with others, and an ignited passion: to create a way for women to create a peaceful haven in their homes, that reflects their values and fills them with joy.