Product Details

Fine Art Prints:

  • Printing Process: Giclée on fine art paper
  • Material: Archival pigment print on heavyweight matte fine art paper, 100% cotton rag content.
  • Limited edition of 40, typically 10 per each size.
  • Signed & Numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Frame NOT included.

    Printing Process

    1. Fine Art Prints:

      • Giclée Printing: Utilizing cutting-edge inkjet technology.
      • Materials: Museum-grade fine art paper with archival pigment print, ensuring longevity and color accuracy.
      • Limited Edition: Each print is part of a limited edition of 40, making them exclusive collector's items.
      • Certificate of Authenticity: Signed and numbered certificate accompanying each print, affirming its authenticity.

    Print Quality and Longevity

    • Giclée Print Quality: The use of advanced inkjet technology ensures meticulous detail and color accuracy, surpassing standard printing methods.
    • Materials Selection: Archival-grade paper and fade-resistant inks are chosen to guarantee longevity and vibrancy, maintaining the prints' quality for generations.
    • Collector's Items: The emphasis on top-tier materials and meticulous printing process makes Lori in Theory's fine art prints highly sought-after as limited editions and collector's items, promising lasting value and visual appeal over time.